Legend of the Five Rings Release Event

9 oktober 2017 Door Mark Brummel 0

To celebrate the release of Fantasy Flight’s re-release of Legend of the Five Rings as a card game, We will host a release event (with snazzy promos to be won!) combined with a demo day. You are not required to know the game beforehand, as there will be people on site to teach the game!

We will start deckbuilding, using 1 core set per player, at 12:00. You may come with your deck prepared beforehand if you bought your coreset elsewhere. You may (of course) also buy your core set at Het Lab! If you have no idea what to build, you can use a decklist given with the core set, so no worries!

We will start playing informal games as soon as 2 people are ready with their decks. Every game won will win you a promo, to a maximum of 3 per player, or supplies last. You may leave any time you want. We will likely continue playing untill the store closes around 18:00.

Cost; 5,-
Starting Time; 11:30