Aether Revolt Prerelease – 14/15 January


What is the best start of the new year? On a yacht somewhere in a warm place? Well, perhaps, but prerelease of the new set is even better!  It is time to return to Kaladesh and witness all the changes with your own eyes: the arrival of Ajani, evil plans of Tezzeret and, of course, heroic Gatewatch battling to protect the world. This also means we get to see a bunch of new cards, play with the at the prerelease and add them to our constructed decks. So make sure your weekend of January 14-15 is free so you can join us for the prerelease events of Aether Revolt!

But why joining? Because prerelease is one of the most wonderful things in Magic! Not only you get to play with the newest cards, but you also get to see all your friends, make new ones, explore fresh sealed format and have a lot of fun! It is the time when all players gather together and enjoy the game to its fullest 🙂


In ’t Lab we are organising 6 prerelease events: single sealed events at 11:00 and 17:00, and 2HG sealed events at 17:00.
The first event you play is €25, but each next is just €20!

Where to get the deck?
It is a sealed format, so you do not need to bring a deck with you. Instead, each player will receive a beautiful prerelease pack which contains 2 Kaladesh booster packs, 4 Aether Revolt booster packs, 1 premium foil stamped card (drawn from any rare or mythic rare in the set), 1 Spindown Life Counter and 1 deckbuilding advice insert. You will construct a deck of at least 40 cards and then explore the format battling against other mages (maximum 4 rounds of Swiss, you will be able to play in each round). More information about Sealed format.

2 booster packs of Aether Revolt per player go into the prize pool. At the end of each tournament boosters are awarded to players based on the number of wins they have – you get prizes if you have at least 2 wins. The more you win, the more you get!

You can bring your own food. There are also drinks available in the store.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop by, send us an email or message on Facebook.

We hope to see you at the Prerelease!