Standard Showdown Tournaments

The time has come – 4 Saturdays in a row starting on November 26 we will be playing Standard! But why so sudden, and what is so special about it? Standard Showdown boosters packs, of course! These extremely rare and premier packs will be given to participants based on different things (best players, the most interesting deck, random players and etc.) In these packs you can find Masterpiece Series cards, mythics, foil rares… This is going to be a blast! Easy as FNM, but with even greater prizes 🙂

Format: Standard
Participation fee: €7,50

Starting time: 12:00

You can bring your own food. Drinks (Cola, Fanta, Water, Ice Tea) are also available in the store.

Prize pool:
2 boosters per player go into the prize pool. Also 10 Standard Showdown booster packs per tournament.