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DOS Qualifier Pioneer

Date: 26-01-2020

Starting time: 11:00
Store opens: 10:00

Format: Pioneer
Participation fee: €15 (only cash!)

It is a competitive event, so a decklist is required.


The winner of a DOQ will receive an invite to a (constructed) Dutch Open Series event including 1 bye, additional prizes (store credit) depend on the number of players. With each Qualifier players will also gather points for the Players Championship at the end of the year. For more information about the DOS structure visit dutchopenseries.nl

Prize split is allowed and will be announced at every tournament, but players will always need to play for the Dutch Open Series invite, those prizes are non-split able. If attendance is higher or lower prizes will scale up / down accordingly. 

If you earn store credit but rather receive cash we can give you 85% of the value of the store credit in cash. This is only applicable on new earned store credit won at a Dutch Open Qualifier (not applicable on current store credit).

You can bring your own food. Drinks are also available in the store.

You can send info to info@lab-monkey.nl. But we have enough space to accommodate everyone, so come one, come all!

If you need some cards just email info@lab-monkey.nl in advance and we will make sure to have them for you!

Store Championship and Standard Showdown

The time has come – This Saturday we will host a standard tournament with allot of nice goodies.
It will be a “store Championship” and a “Standard Showdown“. Awesome but what does that mean?
The winner will get this fierce Domri playmat;

Each participant will get a Fullart Lavinia, Azorius Renegade.

Last but not least we will give away standard showdown packs to the top 8 and some random. Each pack will contain a special foil Ravnica basic land.

Time: 12:00
Cost: €5,-

Magic Tuesday

A fun weekly Tuesday evening of Magic! Testing Modern and Standard for upcoming big tournaments like GP’s and PPTQ’s, and having fun with multiplayer/duel Commander, Cube and even decks of no specific format – the only boundary in Magic is only your imagination! Free of charge and friendly – you choose how to spend your Tuesday evening with us 🙂
Also come with friends to learn Magic or ask us for any deckbuilding advice!