New format “Frontier” in January

January is going to one awesome month for Magic fans! In addition to prereleases of the new set Aether Revolt (January 14-15), Friday Night Magic tournaments and Magic Tuesdays, we will also start playing new format Frontier!  If you have not heard about it yet, it is what can be called an extended Standard, so a […]

Standard PPTQ – Amonkhet (Nashville)

Format: Standard Participation fee: €15 Decklists: It is a competitive event, so a decklist is required. You can also submit you decklist digitally to no later than 11:00 on November 6. Starting time: 11:00 Store open: 10:00 Food: You can bring your own food. Drinks (Cola, Fanta, Water, Ice Tea) are also available in the store. Preregistration: […]

Team Sealed – GP Practice

Just a few weeks before Grand Prix Rotterdam we decided to organise a practice tournament just to let everyone get comfortable with the format, because it is not a very usual one. Briefly about the format: 12 boosters for the team, a joint sealed pool, 3 decks… Hm, seems like that’s all you need to […]

GAME DAY – Kaladesh

Format: Standard (decklists are not required) Starting time: 11:00 Participation fee: €5 Prize support: promo cards and boosters The Pro Tour is over, so it is time to try out all new awesome decks ourselves. And there is no better way to do it than play FNM and Game Day! It’s a great experience for players of […]

FNM Release Drafts – Kaladesh

This is going to be a special Friday Night Magic evening, because it is the release of the new set Kaladesh! This evening there will be no Standard tournament, so we will all be playing only drafts the entire evening – join us to have some fun, experience the new limited format, crack a few boosters […]

Kaladesh Products Release

Kaladesh is now in stock! Drop by to get Boosters, Planeswalker Decks, Bundles, Deck Builder’s Toolkits, Booster Boxes and even singles – we have all sorts of new goodies for you. Try your chances to open one of the wonderful Kaladesh Inventions 🙂 Booster – €4 3 Boosters – €10 Booster Box – €90 Planeswalker Deck (Nissa and […]

Kaladesh Prerelease Info – 24/25 September

It’s this time of the year… It is time for new Magic: The Gathering block! Just a year ago we returned to Zendikar and had to battle with monstrous eldrazi. Wasn’t really flavorful, was it? But now we are travelling to Kaladesh, home plane of Chandra! This world is full of wonderful creatures, inventions and, of […]