Decklists from DOQ #2 – April

Sunday afternoon, +22 degrees outside, but true Magic fans do not concede to the weather – they are fiercely battling through Modern rounds! This is how we spent out last weekend, and it was amazing – thanks for tuning in. And congratulations to Bart van Etten for taking down yet another tournament in ’t Lab […]

Modern Monkly October + NKQ

Time for another Modern Monkly! The winner qualifies for ’t Lab Invitational at the end of the year. €2 per player from each Monkly Qualifier go into the prize pool of the Invitational. In addition to other great prizes, the winner will also get NK slot and our special Monkey-style playmat! Starting time: 11:00 Store open: 10:00 Format: Modern […]

Modern Monkly Decklists 31/07/2016

On this humid but nice Sunday 38 players decided to sweat and play Modern. There was a ruggedly handsome cowboy who fought through 6 rounds and TOP-8 to emerge victorious with his trusty Jund. The name of this cowboy was Xandor. He took home 3 slots (NK, Dutch Open and the Monkly Invitational) and the […]

Standard PPTQ Honolulu – Decklists

Who doesn’t want it: fresh air, nice temperature, some sun, and Magic? These things are the recipe for the Pro Tour Honolulu. 50 players thought the same way and showed up to battle to see who would take home the RPTQ slot. After 6 rounds and some hick-ups at the beginning it was time to […]

Modern Monkly Decklists 04/06/2016

Sunny Sunday morning, 13 players show up to claim NKQ and Invitational slots, what could go wrong… But it turned out to be a dreadful day, the faith of Modern was almost destroyed when our Goblin Guru Sidney “Hero” Story showed up. After playing some intense rounds Sidney managed to sneak into TOP-4 with his […]

Decklijsten Monkly 24/04/16

On a cold Sunday morning 31 players showed up to claim the NKQ and a spot in the Invitational. After 5 intense rounds of Magic it was time to announce the TOP-8 players. There was no clean cut, so unfortunately Toon and Joost missed the TOP-8 due to tiebreakers. Who do you think made it in? […]

Standard PPTQ OGW – results and decklists

Straight after becoming Game Day Champion with Bant Company Ricardo took the deck and went undefeated at Standard PPTQ claiming his victory! Congratulations to him and other players who made TOP-8, it was a great day! Metagame, TOP-8 brackets and decklists you can find below. Metagame: 11 Abzan Aggro 7 4C Rally 5 RB Dragons 5 GR […]