’t LAB
Dutch Open Qualifiers
Your Road to the Player’s Championship

We from ’t Lab have long supported Modern and all it’s players, this was also the main reason to support Dutch Open Series from the start in 2015. After three great seasons of The Monkly Invitational we felt something was ‘missing’. Of course, people were working hard to get into The Invitational but it still felt very ‘local’. You have been competing with your local player’s but there was no sense of an ultimate goal where you can shine as a player and rank yourself among the very best in The Netherlands. We wanted to change that and thus plans were made for 2018.

In cooperation with some of the biggest Tournament Organizers active in The Netherlands we decided to lay to rest our own Invitational program & fasten our bond with the Dutch Open Series. We feel that The Netherlands is currently swarmed with tournaments, some better than others. With this joint venture (currently consisting out of ’t Lab, Magic-United & 4YourGames) you as a player will receive the very best from your known Tournament Organizers & have an even bigger and better goal to achieve: attending the The Player’s Championship hosted by Dutch Open Series.

In 2018 we will host Dutch Open Qualifiers each month where you can earn points for the Player’s Championship, awesome playmats & great prizes. We will be hosting Modern DOQ (short for Dutch Open Qualifiers) events.

Please check the schedule from time to time to stay up-to-dated with our tournaments.

1. Dutch Open Qualifiers
We at ’t Lab will start hosting DOQ in Modern each month. Each Qualifier people will gather points for the Player’s Championship at the end of the year. The winner of a DOQ will receive an invite to a (constructed) Dutch Open Series event including 1 bye, he will also receive a great custom-made playmat. All of the DOQ are tournament regulation: competitive and require a deck-list, based on a Swiss tournament setup including Top-8.

2. Location(s)
DOQ will be held the entire year in The Netherlands at 3 premium stores. ’t Lab is one of the premium partners hosting Dutch Open Qualifiers throughout the year.

3. Entrance fee & prizes
We always try to make the expected prizes as transparent as possible for the players. This year we have the following structure in place regarding pricing. Entrance fee is € 15,00 per edition (only cash). We divide the entrance fee as followed:

€ 9,00 for the Prize support
€ 3,00 for hosting a DOQ
€ 2,00 cost for Judge staff
€ 1,00 cost for Tournament Organizer

Prize split is allowed and will be announced at every tournament, but players will always need to play for the Dutch Open Series invite, those prizes are non-split able. If attendance is higher or lower prizes will scale up / down accordingly. Dutch Open Invite.

If you earn store credit but rather receive cash we can give you 85% of the value of the store credit in cash. This is only applicable on new earned store credit won at a Dutch Open Qualifier (not applicable on current store credit).

4. Dutch Open Points
The point system that is in place for the Player’s Championship is rather simple. For each DOQ you visit you will receive at least 1 Dutch Open Point. If you make it to the Top-8 of a DOQ you will receive bonus points for your achievement, you can also earn these points at other LCQ’s and at the Dutch Open Series events:

So if you win you will be awarded 8 Dutch Open Points that count for the Season / Yearly ranking. If you don’t go Top 8 you will be awarded 1 Dutch Open Point.

5. Player’s Championship
The Players’ Championship (read more about it here) is the Dutch Open Series & Dutch Open Qualifiers invite-only year-end event. The year’s Dutch Open winners, seasonal point leaders & the top Dutch Open Points earners form a field of thirty-six to compete for an expected prize pool of € 5.000,00 in prizes with € 2.000,00 for the winner including free entrance to all Dutch Open Series in 2018 with one bye!