Release Draft Guilds of Ravnica

After the insanely busy Prerelease we are hungry for more! That’s why we are hosting two release draft events. One on the usual Friday and one on Saturday. This also means that there is no standard FNM this Friday. Join us and get this awesome promo. Friday, 05 October Starting Time: 19:00 Participation fee: €13,50 […]


Metagam Breakdown 5 Affinity 4 Eldrazi Tron 3 UW Control 3 UR Storm 3 Jund 3 Burn 2 Dredge 2 UWR Midrange 2 BG Tron 2 Bringshift 2 Bant Spirits 2 Bant Humans 2 Scapeshift 1 UG Infect 1 GW Tron 1 Saheeli Combo 1 Miracles 1 Eldrazi Taxes 1 Kightfall 1 Grixis Death’s Shadow […]

Decklist & Meta – DOQ #2

Last Sunday for who didn’t go to Lyon we a had the second Dutch Open Qualifier. But more importantly the last Modern tournament without Jace, The Mindsculpter and Blood Braid Elves. What spicy brew would people bring along? In the end there where two players left Jelco Bodewes and Joey Wittebol, Joey couldn’t beat the […]