Maand: oktober 2018

PPTQ – Standard

With the coming of Guilds of Ravnica we have a new standard. Just a week after Lille, so little time to make some adjustments to your trusty deck or even make a new one.

Format: Standard
Participation fee: €15

It is a competitive event, so a decklist is required.

Starting time: 11:00
Store open: 10:00

You can bring your own food. Drinks (Cola, Fanta, Water, Ice Tea) are also available in the store.

You can send info to

Prize pool:
2 boosters and €3 per player go into the prize pool.

  • Less than 55 participants (approximately) – cash to top-2, boosters to other top-8 and players who missed on tiebreakers
  • More than 55 participants (approximately) – cash to top-4, boosters to other top-8 players and x-2 players

Release Draft Guilds of Ravnica

After the insanely busy Prerelease we are hungry for more! That’s why we are hosting two release draft events. One on the usual Friday and one on Saturday.
This also means that there is no standard FNM this Friday.
Join us and get this awesome promo.

Friday, 05 October
Starting Time: 19:00
Participation fee: €13,50

Saturday, 06 October 
Starting Time: 12:00
Participation fee: €13,50

We will play 3 rounds of Swiss.
Prize pool: 1,5 Guilds of Ravnica booster pack per player goes into
the prize pool.