Kaladesh Products Release

Kaladesh is now in stock! Drop by to get Boosters, Planeswalker Decks, Bundles, Deck Builder’s Toolkits, Booster Boxes and even singles – we have all sorts of new goodies for you. Try your chances to open one of the wonderful Kaladesh Inventions 🙂 Booster – €4 3 Boosters – €10 Booster Box – €90 Planeswalker Deck (Nissa and […]

Modern PPTQ 11/09/16 – decklists

66 players showed up with the cool summer breeze blowing through their hair, and they were all ready for Modern PPTQ. After the the first couple of rounds the temperature started rising, but players kept their heads cool. Then round 7 finally ended and the TOP-8 was announced. Kasper Zijl and Daem Vorster managed to sneak into TOP-8 […]

Kaladesh Prerelease Info – 24/25 September

It’s this time of the year… It is time for new Magic: The Gathering block! Just a year ago we returned to Zendikar and had to battle with monstrous eldrazi. Wasn’t really flavorful, was it? But now we are travelling to Kaladesh, home plane of Chandra! This world is full of wonderful creatures, inventions and, of […]

Conspiracy Drafts in September

Every FNM of September until the release of Kaladesh we will be playing Conspiracy drafts! (no Conspiracy Draft on September 30) Players had great experience with the new set, and we are looking forward to welcoming you as well. Join us and have fun with this spicy limited format 🙂 Participation fee: €15,00 Prize support: […]

Duel Deck Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis – RELEASE

It is time – the release day of new awesome Duel Deck: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis! Whether you’re already missing Zendikar or you just want to play some super-fun Planeswalker grudge matches, you can pick up Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis for just €19.99. Inside you will find: 2 Ready-to-play, 60-card decks 10 tokens 2 deck boxes […]