Prerelease Kits – Eldritch Moon

The spoilers have begun, and the mystery of Shadows over Innistrad has been solved: Emrakul turned out to be the great monster causing all this madness on Innistrad. Nahiri’s evil plan to bring her to Innistrad worked. And now it is up to Jace and Tamiyo to save the world from another Eldrazi Titan! You […]

Standard PPTQ Honolulu – Decklists

Who doesn’t want it: fresh air, nice temperature, some sun, and Magic? These things are the recipe for the Pro Tour Honolulu. 50 players thought the same way and showed up to battle to see who would take home the RPTQ slot. After 6 rounds and some hick-ups at the beginning it was time to […]

Modern Monkly Decklists 04/06/2016

Sunny Sunday morning, 13 players show up to claim NKQ and Invitational slots, what could go wrong… But it turned out to be a dreadful day, the faith of Modern was almost destroyed when our Goblin Guru Sidney “Hero” Story showed up. After playing some intense rounds Sidney managed to sneak into TOP-4 with his […]

Eternal Masters Drafts

Eternal Masters, one of the coolest sets in the hisotry of Magic, is about to be released! This Friday June 10 we will be celebrating it playing FNM Eternal Masters Drafts – join us for some fun 🙂 When: Friday, 19:00 (3 rounds of swiss) Participation fee: €35 (drafting on 3 boosters) Prize pool: 1 […]