Standard PPTQ Honolulu – Decklists

Who doesn’t want it: fresh air, nice temperature, some sun, and Magic? These things are the recipe for the Pro Tour Honolulu. 50 players thought the same way and showed up to battle to see who would take home the RPTQ slot. After 6 rounds and some hick-ups at the beginning it was time to […]

PPTQ Standard “Honolulu”

Format: Standard Participation fee: €15 Decklists: It is a competitive event, so a decklist is required. Starting time: 11:00 Store open: 10:00 Food: You can bring your own food. Snacks and drinks are also available in the store. Registration: You can send info to Prize pool: 2 boosters and €3 per player go into the prize […]

Standard PPTQ OGW – results and decklists

Straight after becoming Game Day Champion with Bant Company Ricardo took the deck and went undefeated at Standard PPTQ claiming his victory! Congratulations to him and other players who made TOP-8, it was a great day! Metagame, TOP-8 brackets and decklists you can find below. Metagame: 11 Abzan Aggro 7 4C Rally 5 RB Dragons 5 GR […]

PPTQ Standard

Format: Standard Prijs: €15 Decklijst Dit is een Competitive toernooi, wat betekent dat je een decklijst moet inleveren aan het begin van het toernooi. Aanvang 10:00 zaal open 11.00 start toernooi Voedsel Je mag meegebrachte etenswaren binnen opeten. Meedoen? Je kan je inschrijven in deze draad, via het Facebook event of door een mailtje te […]