Modern Monkly June + NKQ

Time for another Modern Monkly! The winner qualifies for ’t Lab Invitational at the end of the year. €2 per player from each Monkly Qualifier go into the prize pool of the Invitational. In addition to other great prizes, the winner will also get NK slot and our special Monkey-style playmat! The head judge of the event will […]

Modern Monkly Decklists 29/05/2016

After a long and sweaty day of playing Modern for 6 rounds, we had a winner. Jelco managed to become the Monkly champion with his Grixis Delver deck by defeating Thijs, Joost and Charly in TOP-8, claiming the NK Slot, special Monkey-playmat and a spot in the Monkly Invitational! It was a busy day with 42 […]

Modern Monkly May + NKQ

Het is weer tijd voor een nieuwe Monkly! Dit keer is die op zondag 29 mei. Gebeurt er nog iets als je een Monkly wint? Ja zeker! Je plaatst je voor de Lab Monky’s Invitationals. Per speler die meedoet aan een Monkly gaat er €2,- naar de prijzenpot voor de Invitationals en aan het einde […]

Decklijsten Monkly 24/04/16

On a cold Sunday morning 31 players showed up to claim the NKQ and a spot in the Invitational. After 5 intense rounds of Magic it was time to announce the TOP-8 players. There was no clean cut, so unfortunately Toon and Joost missed the TOP-8 due to tiebreakers. Who do you think made it in? […]