Eternal Masters – packaging and spoilers

Eternal Masters (click here to read more about it) is a new special set consisting of the most awesome reprints. The set will be released on 10th of June, so it is about time to start with the spoilers and to reveal beautiful packaging! Great cards need great arts, right? Make sure to check our […]

Announcement Day: new sets and new products

Today we are announcing not only a number of new sets and products coming out in the next year, but also our new way to roll out those announcements. Let’s start with the exciting part—the announcements of six new products and one new way to buy an already announced product (click the links for full […]

Magic Tuesday

A fun weekly Tuesday evening of Magic! Testing Modern and Standard for upcoming big tournaments like GP’s and PPTQ’s, and having fun with multiplayer/duel Commander, Cube and even decks of no specific format – the only boundary in Magic is only your imagination! Free of charge and friendly – you choose how to spend your Tuesday evening with […]