Decklists from DOQ #5 – July

23 players, but only one of them could take home the victory. Moody weather did not let Wander’s spirit down, who in the end claimed the grand prize and cycled home with a big smile on his face 🙂  Congratulations, and we hope to see everyone next time! Metagame Breakdown 4 Grixis Deathshadow 3 Eldrazi […]

Decklists from DOQ #4 – June

On this scorching hot Sunday 43 players decided that all they wanted was the special playmat and the DOS slot. During the day temperatures were rising, but eight players kept their heads cool enough to get into the TOP-8. After hours of magic the two players fought it out and in the end Myrddin Hermans […]

Decklists from DOQ #2 – April

Sunday afternoon, +22 degrees outside, but true Magic fans do not concede to the weather – they are fiercely battling through Modern rounds! This is how we spent out last weekend, and it was amazing – thanks for tuning in. And congratulations to Bart van Etten for taking down yet another tournament in ’t Lab […]

Standard PPTQ Kyoto – Decklists

This was a great opportunity for all Magic fans: to qualify for RPTQ and eventually go to Kyoto to the Pro Tour… So 50 players showed up at our doorstep on a sunny (and later rainy) Sunday morning. It was decided that the playoff is to start after 6 Swiss rounds. The field of decks was […]

Monkly Invitational Results and Decklists

Last year, December 18: the winners and most loyal players of our Lab Monklies throughout the season of 2016 gathered together to decide the ultimate winner and get a share of a €500 prize pool. During the first 5 rounds of Swiss they played Modern, which again proved to be a very diverse format. And […]

Decklists Standard PPTQ – 06/11/2016

On Sunday November 6 we hosted another PPTQ, this time for Nashville. 57 players showed up and tried to get the desirable RPTQ slot. Just a few days before the event “some guy” Andrey showed up and asked to borrow an Aetherworks Marvel deck… However, we only had UW Flash. Luckily for him, the deck he did not […]

Modern PPTQ 11/09/16 – decklists

66 players showed up with the cool summer breeze blowing through their hair, and they were all ready for Modern PPTQ. After the the first couple of rounds the temperature started rising, but players kept their heads cool. Then round 7 finally ended and the TOP-8 was announced. Kasper Zijl and Daem Vorster managed to sneak into TOP-8 […]

Modern Monkly Decklists 21/08/2016

22 players challenged the rain last Sunday to play some Modern. All of them had the same question: who would take home the prestigious playmat and the slots? After 5 rounds of pure skill and a bit of luck 8 players were left standing. And in the end, unlike Emrakul, Brent managed to emerge victorious with Abzan CoCo, […]

Modern Monkly Decklists 31/07/2016

On this humid but nice Sunday 38 players decided to sweat and play Modern. There was a ruggedly handsome cowboy who fought through 6 rounds and TOP-8 to emerge victorious with his trusty Jund. The name of this cowboy was Xandor. He took home 3 slots (NK, Dutch Open and the Monkly Invitational) and the […]