New format “Frontier” in January


January is going to one awesome month for Magic fans! In addition to prereleases of the new set Aether Revolt (January 14-15), Friday Night Magic tournaments and Magic Tuesdays, we will also start playing new format Frontier!  If you have not heard about it yet, it is what can be called an extended Standard, so a format with bigger cardpool. It gives room for use of your imagination and crazy deck ideas. Combining all sets starting from Magic 2015, it grows every time after the release of new sets. It is the best way to make use of your cards that rotated out, to play fun decks and, of course, to have fun on Saturdays!

All information about the format you can find here.

So no more words! Find all your standard cards, combine them with what you recently opened from the boosters, make a deck and join us on Saturdays in January! The first tournament is on January 7, and we are planning to play Frontier the entire month (except January 14, because it is the prerelease weekend, and January 21 as it is already full of other tournaments in the Netherlands). If it turns out to be popular and you will like it, we will continue with it! So don’t forget to bring your friends 🙂

Format: Frontier
Participation fee: €5
Starting time: Saturdays, 12:00

You can bring your own food. Drinks (Cola, Fanta, Water, Ice Tea) are also available in the store.

Prize pool:
1,5 boosters per player go into the prize pool. Based on our expectations, we will have 4 rounds of Swiss, so players with at least 6 points (2-2 record or better) will receive prize boosters.