Decklijsten Monkly 27/03/2016

On this Easter Sunday 24 players showed up for the Monkly. The winner was getting an awesome playmat, spot in the Monkly invitational and a free entrance to the Dutch Modern Open + 1 Bye. In round 5 it was clear that there would be a clean cut for the top-8. But in the end […]

Nieuwe website met spellen reviews

Review website voor spelletjes! Op de nieuwe website kun je binnenkort van alle mogelijke gezelschapsspellen, bordspellen en kaartspellen een review verwachten. Daarnaast komen er vele handige tips, waardoor je nooit meer een verkeerde aankoop doet. Je herkent ongetwijfeld veel van het beeldmateriaal dat wordt gebruikt op de site; alle foto’s van alle spellen worden […]

Legacy 13/03 – Decklists

After a long break we finally had a Legacy tournament again in ’t Lab. 13 players showed to battle for the 1st place. They played 4 rounds and TOP-4. In the end no one stood a chance against Ward with his Colorless Eldrazi friends., congratulations! Meta Breakdown 3 Grixis Delver 2 Colorless Eldrazi 2 Death […]

Shadows over Innistrad – Mechanics

Greetings, Planeswalker. Congratulations on such a successful visit to Zendikar. The tales of your travels are surely spreading throughout the Multiverse. Such heroism! It must be gratifying to have saved an entire world. I imagine you’re heading to some pastoral plane for some much-needed recuperation. Wait, you’re going where? Innistrad? Bleak world of horror and […]

Shadows over Innistrad – Packaging

  In a set full of mysteries, I have no doubt many players and Innistrad experts will be poring over these images looking for clues to the set’s contents, to Innistrad’s future, and to the mysteries the set portends. Also, they’re pretty. Let’s start with the first packaging you’re likely to hold: the Prerelease kit […]